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Kipster – Future-proof poultry farm

‘Kipster’, is the Worlds first CO2 neutral chicken farm. Electricity is generated with over 1,000 solar panels, and special air filters are installed that leave no pollution for the environment. With the highest standards in animal welfare, the farm is meant to be the farm of the future, according to The Guardian, Animal Awake and Dutch Television.

Kipster egg packaging by PaperFoam, with integrated paper hinge. No Plastics are used in the production of PaperFoam. The most animal friendly farm

Happy chickens lay 24,000 eggs a day at this brand new Dutch farm-of-the-future: every aspect of this farm is sustainable and even the quality of life for the animals got awarded three out of three stars, which means the animal protection agency (Animal Awake) fully approves this farm. Radio commercials of the Dutch Animal protection agency are featured regularly. Listen to it now by following this link.

RedFroq® innovative egg packaging

With sustainability goals as ambitious as Kipster, what other packaging material suits the Kipster eggs better then PaperFoam! After all, PaperFoam is one of the most sustainable packaging materials available, paper recyclable, biodegradable as well as both home and industrially compostable! Kipster eggs are packed in this potato starch based packaging.

An LCA study has shown a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions, comparing PaperFoam RedFroq® egg packaging with traditional ones. Check out our website section on sustainability to see some examples here.

We decided to push the limits and come up with a custom design and color for Kipster, with an all-new integrated paper hinge and a customer face embossing, 2 very exciting innovations. This hinge system enables & improves high-speed automated  processing of the eggs in the cartons, a challenge we took on with confidence. In addition, the customer facing logo saves on labeling costs. Check out the result:

  Kipster sustainable egg packaging

You can buy Kipster eggs are exclusively at Lidl supermarkets the Netherlands from november 2017 on. Be sure to check out all the latest Kipster news at the Kipster website.